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Hydrant Cart (ZS-140 และ EHC-01)
Hydrant Cart is built on Steeel chassis. All piping is stainless designed for longer life and faster flow rates. Also, this cart meets or exceeds NFPA 407, ATA 103 standards and NIST Handbook 44.
Flow rate
Fuelling 1.700 LPM through 1 x under wing reel hose
Filtration Filter water separator constructed in carbon steel with epoxy coat lining meeting the latest requirements of IP1583 and IP1581 respectively and is fitted with high differential pressure shutdown system.
Meters TCS PD type with EMR4
Hoses Aviation hoses meeting EN1361 type ‘C’
Inlet Hose Ø80mm x 7m long. Wrap-Around
Reel Hose Under wing Ø63mm x 10m. Long. Reel Mounted
Intake Coupler Ø100mm API coupler incorporating secondary pressure control sensed from either deck hose or reel hose fully compensating venturies.
Fueling Controls Air/Air
Power Supply Solar Powered Electric System
Shock Alleviator 18L capacity bladder type
Fixed Platform Add Fixed fueling platform at 1.4, aluminum construction
Reel Powered Electric rewind hose reel
Interlocks Contactless intrinsically safe electrical system
Pipework Stainless steel in grade 304
Dumptank 50L capacity fully draining tank with visual contents window and Low, high and high/high float switch system for automatic emptying emergency cut off in event of overfilling.
Safty System Break interlock system, Emergency shutofff, Static Reel
Water Detech Water detector for filter water separator units which automatically closed the deadman valve.