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Refueller 18000 liters

A 18.000L rigid refueller mounted on an ERF 6x2 chassis. The refueller is equipped with 1 x underwing hoses and 1 x overwing hose, single meter, and filter water separator. The refueller conforms to latest European Standards EN12312-5 and JIG 11 requirements.

Flow rate
Fuelling 1.100 LPM through 1 x under wing reel hose
  200 LPM through 1 x over wing reel hose
Bottom loading 1,500 LPM
Fuel Pump Gorman Rupp 03H1-GR Self-priming centrifugal pump (PTO driven)
Filtration Filter water separator, carbon steel to API/IP 1581, max flow rate of 1.135LPM
Meters TCS PD type with TCS3000
Hoses Aviation hoses meeting EN1361 type ‘C’
Reel Hose Under wing Ø50mm x 20m long
Reel Hose Over wing Ø38mm x 25m long
Refueller Tank 18.000L constructed in aluminium alloy with 3% expansion allowance
  Two external Ø500mm manholes/lids with pressure vacuum vents with tilt
  safety valve and flame traps on vent valves.
  Internal Ø610mm access manholes.
  Single Ø254mm Bayham gauge.
  Calibrated dipstick.
  Valance tank top to protect the handrails and man lids in the event of a roll over.
  Rear access ladder, pneumatically actuated single-sided folding safety
  rail and non-slip walkway.
Interlocks Contactless intrinsically safe electrical system
Pipework Stainless steel in grade 304
Dumptank 60L capacity fully draining tank with visual contents window
Chassis Chassis manufacturer typically chosen from HINO  6x2 format.
  Other chassis manufacturers available by request